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Game of Thrones: Experience Westeros with the "Oculus Rift"

Laura Hudson from WIRED did. It is a demo for SXSW and part of the exhibition for the Game of Thrones (HBO).

When I read the article it sounded to me that maybe in the future we would have those in different areas or aspects of live. We could experience much more, make a change in learning, travel, gaming, film and books.


 What would it feel like if we could fly on dragons? How is it to raid with Vikings? How is it to step into the elevator of Dr. Who? Would you have the same feelings as if you where flying. Is it the same as if you are in a plane?

Landscapes would come to live. We could have more fun just put everything aside and go to Middle Earth. It would be more realistic.

You could choose to go to different places at one day. Sound is the ultimate thing here.  What if we where in a room and you watch a film you could actually feel, hear and experience the whole film. Like you were there.

It is maybe way too early to write something about this. This will be our future of gaming, TV, movies, operations and all kind of other things.

Last week there were a few experiments with the Oculus Rift you might wonder what is an Oculus Rift?


“I will tell you The Oculus Rift is an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display

It is kind of 3D experience and it is going to be just like when 3d experiences started. People that are tested did fall because of the heavy material they put into.

We like experiments like this. You get a new generation of experience although it is very new and just introduced by marks like Sony and OculusVR.  This shows us that games but also museums will get a new dimension.”

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