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Goonies Sequel on the Horizon?

According to TMZ, Richard Donner, director of the 1985 classic adventure flick The Goonies wants to go forward with a sequel some 28 years later! Fans have been gunning for another installment of the adventures of Mikey, Brand, Data, Chunk, Sloth, Andy, Steph and Mouth for almost 30 years and rumors have been floating around for almost as long. But Donner himself has never said anything one way or another.

Donner gave no details on the project and speculation is undoubtedly rampant. Will the Goonies gang be re-cast? Will we see them off on another adventure as grown adults? Who knows? We can only wait and watch.

We can only hope this film doesn’t fall into one of One-Eyed Wily’s clever traps! Goonies never say die!



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