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Filmmaker Ron Newcomb: "Following the Dream"


When should you finally “put childish things aside?” Filmmaker Ron Newcomb says, “Never!” Newcomb has found himself in the over 40 category and where the world has told him he should know by now what he “should be”, and “grow up”.

Certainly he has had to find a balance. Newcomb has three little girls and a “domestic queen” that gets to stay home with them, so he is solely responsible for their household income. We all live in a day and age with recessions and where jobs are not easily found. Like many filmmakers, he has a unique journey that has got him to this point. He knows he has a responsibility as a father and husband, but does that mean he must lay filmmaking to rest? Newcomb has his 9-5 that pays the bill and is his job, but filmmaking is his passion. He must be good enough at what he does for his day job, but he is trying to spend his time getting great at filmmaking.

This is one of thing that Middle-Earth Network has embraced. Reminding people that they too are creators and inviting them to join them in going from fan to creator.

Newcomb is currently had to think differently in how he does things. He is bringing his latest film project to life through crowdfunding, – if you find yourself in the over 40 category, you may want to consider supporting Newcomb. He says, “if we get funded, we get to hire the writers, the actors, the filmmakers – everyone wins, and we all get to create a legacy together!”

What dream are you still holding on to? Maybe it’s time to pick-up that pen…

The world of "The Rangers"
The world of “The Rangers”

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