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"The Quest" Begins on ABC June 19th


This just in from the Court 5 team and ABC:

Thursday, June 19
8-9 PM – The Quest (New Series Premiere)

We first caught wind of the date announcement via the Court 5 Facebook page – which we suggest you follow to keep on top of such adventurous announcements!  Follow here:

Court 5 is the company producing the show together with ABC.  If you haven’t heard about the show we suggest you check out our original >>announcement here.<<

In response to the date announcement today, Jane Fleming of Court 5 commented;


“I am incredibly proud to announce that THE QUEST will air on ABC on June 19th at 8pm!! I LOVE this show and am deeply grateful that Mark Ordesky and I were given the chance to make it after years of imagining and planning. We were lucky to work side by side with the best in the business in Profiles Television, Green Harbor, Spectral Motion, and Haxan to create something truly audacious and inspiring and we were blessed to find 12 inspiring people to go on an adventure of a lifetime. I will be talking about this a lot over the next 12 weeks because I can’t wait to share it with the world!”

Be sure to follow Legendarium News and Court 5 for the latest regarding this epic new series for the whole family.  We know this show is going to be legendary among fantasy fans!

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  1. Jason Alan - PHATE

    Exciting times a billion!!!! (There’s my nonsensical but passionate response to this news)

  2. I’m still nervous when I see the words “Larpers” and “reality show” in the same sentence.

    • Hi Goldberry! Let me tell you – nobody from our kinship is going to be disappointed… I hope to be able to say more soon!

  3. Jason Alan - PHATE

    Goldberry, just think, though, reality shows have indeed represented the worst of anything in the universe lol; BUT, now heres one thats actually going to hold high the torch of wonder and imagination. This aint no screaming rich housewives…bleck…This is “us” thrust into an adventure. The Quest? Bring it on