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"Let it Go": Gollum Cover from the Movie Frozen

Co-Founder of Legendarium Media, Tyler Michael Jonsson aka: “The American Gollum”, performs an adaptation of the award winning song from the Disney hit, Frozen as sung by Gollum.

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(Contributions to the revised lyrics by: James Michael Spahn)

Nasty Elf bread takes flight down the mountain tonight
Now just crumbses to be seen
A kingdom of isolation
And fat hobbit is the Queen

Our belly’s growling like this swirling storm inside
Couldn’t keep him thin, Precious knows you tried

Don’t let him in, don’t let him see
Fat Hobbit, so nasty and tricksy
Revealed, he steals, we didn’t know
Well now we know

Let him know, let him know
He can’t hold us back anymore
Let him go, let him go
Turn him away from Mordor

We don’t care
What he’s going to say
Master’s bread is gone
And he’s going to try to steal the precious away

It’s funny how some Lembas
Makes master seem so cross
And now he hates the fat one
And told him to get lost

It’s time see what she can do
We’ll lead Master up the Stairs of Doom
To her, Feed her, a meal for her
Crunchable Desert

Let us go, let us go
Into this tunnel with glowing eyes
Let us go, let us go
The Precious will be mine (Ours!)

Here we slink
And here we sneaks
Let the spider come

Her long-legs flurry through the caves onto the ground
Master is spiraling in sticky webses all around
And with one quick stab from her poisonous thorax
We’re never getting it
The Orcses came too fast

Let it go, let it go
Or we bites it off and run
Let it go, let it go
Well, now your finger’s gone

Here we dance
On the cracks of doom
Put the Precious on
The lava never bothered us anyway…

Let It Go Gollum Cover

You can find Tyler on Twitter!
Tyler Michael Jonsson on Twitter

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  1. This is by far the best version I’ve heard. I’m in love.

  2. Gollum offered to release on our record label, but he was so argumentative about terms… payment in fish, ring-shaped candies… it was all to much and told him to go indie.

  3. Amazing work, Tyler! My daughters LOVE it! Another classic song for my family! Can’t wait for the next song 😉