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Five Kingdoms Launch Party Report

Five Kingdoms Launch Party Report by David Glenn


If you didn’t attend the launch party for Brandon Mull’s new series, Five Kingdoms, you missed some really big news. Brandon Mull is the author of many fantasy books and series, including Fablehaven and Beyonders. At his launch party while giving a little information for Sky Raiders, book one of the Five Kingdoms series he revealed some really big news.

Brandon Mull mentioned that he worked to make the Five Kingdoms universe compatible with the Beyonders universe. Could that mean that at some point there might be a crossover between the two worlds? Only time will tell. Brandon Mull did say that if he does anything more with the world of Lyrian it will be years from now because of Five Kingdoms. If you like the first book then you’ll be pleased to hear that each book will be released six months apart from each other. That means that we should see book two, The Rogue Knight, in stores by September this year, and the third book by March 2015.

If any of you are fans of the Fablehaven series you better get ready because Brandon also revealed that a sequel series is coming out! He didn’t say too much. What he did reveal is that the title of the series will be called Dragonwatch. The title alone makes it sound like dragons will be involved heavily in the plot. Brandon did confirm that all the main characters from the original series will return, so we’ll get to see more of Seth, Kendra, Bracken, Raxtus, and everyone else. He even hinted that there might be a way for the witch Muriel to return.

Even more good news is we won’t have to wait until Five Kingdoms is done before we get to read Dragonwatch. The first book of Dragonwatch is scheduled to be released around the same time as book four of Five Kingdoms, and book two will be released as the fifth and final book of Five Kingdoms is released. If any of you are fans of his books The Candy Shop War and Arcadeland Catastrophe he said he’d write another book if enough fans ask for it. It sounds like this bestselling author is going to keep us entertained for years to come.

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