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The Museum of Science Fiction


There is a grassroots organization planning to build a unique museum. It’s called the Museum of Science Fiction, MSF for short. They are trying to raise money through an  indiegogo campaign. Check out their website and read about who they are and their goals.

The Museum for Science Fiction (MSF) is opening a preview location as their first step in a more comprehensive facility that they want to build in Washington D. C. Through the preview location they want to share their vision with the public and build up their collection for the full-scale museum. If they get enough support they can build it as early as 2014. It gives visitors a place to preview their programs and exhibits and provides a way for visitors to give the MSF feedback. They want to hear the public’s thoughts while they still have the flexibility to adjust plans so that the full scale facility can meet or exceed customer expectations. It also allows donors to see how they can contribute to the MSF’s efforts and goals.

So what is this vision? Simply put, their website says: ” To be the world’s first comprehensive science fiction museum, covering the genre’s history across the arts and providing a narrative on its relationship to the real world.” Imagine walking through a stargate to a destination that houses awesome and thought-provoking artifacts from the best imaginations in science fiction. Refuel a full-size X-Wing Starfighter or open a time portal with your smartphone. Walk on board Deep Space 9. Or encounter aliens. These are just a few  of the ideas they hope to bring to life.

Being a science fiction fan since I was kid this sounds like an exciting experience to me and I wish something like this existed when I was a kid. To find out more about this unique, exciting and historical project go to their indiegogo page. They have 28 days left for their campaign to raise the funds needed. They also have a podcast. For more comprehensive information about the MSF and their goals and where you can volunteer and help out you can also go their website:

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