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J.J. Talks Star Wars, & TCW Bonus Content News

swWith all the crazy, plausible, impractical, and downright infuriating rumors going around about Episode VII, J.J. Abrams has taken to the Interwebz to set the record straight (sort of).

The director told The Wrap that the script for Episode VII is complete, Breaking Bad actor Jesse Plemons is being looked at for a role in the film (it’s rumored that he will have a starring role, but Abrams neither confirmed nor denied that allegation), and the movie will NOT be shot in IMAX. Possibly due in part to wanting to keep to the spirit of the original films (largely in part due to IMAX cameras being expensive, “very loud”, and “unreliable”), Abrams’s contribution to the franchise will be shot on regular film, which he is very fond of using in his films.


In The Clone Wars news, Star Wars Underworld reported on a slew of new descriptions for the series’ “bonus content”. The most talked about arc is centered on Order 66 at the end of the Clone War along with a Yoda-centric adventure. German TV network Super RTL will begin airing these episodes on February 15, so if you have friends, family, or even an acquaintance you met once, you might want to start sending emails or setting up Skype appointments if you want to be among the first to see them. Each episode will premiere Saturdays at 8:15PM UTC.


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