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Worthington and Saldana Confirmed for Avatar Sequels

avatarHonestly, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Avatar remains the biggest grossing film in history, so why would the main actors not want to return to the franchise? The Hollywood Reporter and The Verge both confirm this, along with news that Stephen Lang will reprise his role as Colonel Quaritch.

But wait, didn’t he die in the first movie?

Well, that’s what they have body-hopping tech for! My theory is that he’ll somehow come back in a Na’vi body like Jake did at the very end of the film. But what do I know…

Avatar 2 will hit theaters in 2016 (thank god, because 2015 is already shaping up to be an overwhelming year for movies), 3 in 2017, and 4 and 2018.

About Reporter Michelle Lawhorn:
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  1. Im glad. Avatar received some backlash from we geeks for story, but god it was a beautiful escape. I enjoyed it a lot. It’s also another sci fi-fantasy movie to carry the torch. Bring it on. Not sure how they’d bring back Quaritch convincingly, though I loved his character.