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BBC America announces Dumas-based TV Series


According to the BBC America website next year they will be unveiling their newest series based on a beloved series of historic novels: The Musketeers. With the success of Sherlock and Downton Abbey, this seems like only a natural move for the BBC and hopefully viewers can look forward to episodes of swashbuckling high adventure.

The lead character of D’Artagnan will be played by Luke Pasqualino, who was previously featured in the Showtime historic series The Borgias. Tom Burke, Howard Charles and Santiago Cabrera will flesh out the remaining titular characters as Athos, Aramis and Porthos respectively. Serving as the great antagonist of the story is none other than Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu. The BBC is billing the characters as a “crack team of highly trained soldiers,” and released a trailer which can be seen on the BBC Youtube Channel. It is slated to run for a single ten-part series. Release is scheduled for January of 2014 on BBC One and BBC HD.


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  1. Another one of my old favorites breathing new life! Do you know when it might come to America? Thanks Bandoras!