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Live Action Trailer – Kiki's Delivery Service


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Greetings fellow fans of all things fantastical!

If you’ve lived in the Anime World for awhile you would know of the adorable, beautiful and stunning work of art ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ that is Studio Ghibli’s animation adaption of a novel of the same name by Eiko Kadono. It is a story of a thirteen year old witch, who is taking the traditional one year of learning away from her family and her adventures that take place during that year after she settles in a small seaside village.

I love the Studio Ghibli version, *love it* — but I love all their animations with a passion so I could be a bit bias — however the story itself is also beautiful, adorable, quirky and a tale of staying true to yourself and being strong when there is no one else around to hold onto. Its a good, wholesome story.

So am I excited that there is going to be a live-action adaption of the novel?

YES! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

Am I excited to finally see the first teaser trailer.




Kylie Leane – Reporter 

Kylie was raised on a healthy upbringing of old classic science fiction thanks to her Dad. Though being unable to spell or write, she was confident that with imagination by her side, someday she would be a writer! Which she is now, writing fantasy and science fiction while illustrating on the side. Her first novel, Key, in the series Chronicles of the Children, involves little green aliens which she has a particular fondness off.

She has an unquenchable love of Anime/Manga and can’t stop buying books after this one particular novel called Fellowship of the Ring changed her life.

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