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The Dune Saga Podcast


There’s a new Dune podcast out there! It’s for fans of both Frank Herbert’s original Dune series and Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert’s Dune books to listen to and geek out over. It’s called the Dune  Saga Podcast. Thanks to Middle-earth Network member Beror of the Bridge of Hrethgir blog for scouting it out and bringing it to the network’s attention!

The hosts are Scott Hertzog, David Moulton and Jim Arrowood. Join them as they enter the Dune world and discuss all of the books, the originals and the new books from Anderson and Brian Herbert. These guys go in-depth into the stories to examine the text,they give first impressions of the books, discussions on story arcs, characters and also fan reactions to the Dune universe in all of its complicated glory – and complicated fandom. They go through all of the books in chronological order.

You can call in and leave a message for the show. They come out with an episode once each month. Their newest episode will be airing tonight at 7 pm. They also have short episodes called Dune in Ten. Dune in Ten is where the hosts give you a quick overview of the upcoming book they will be discussing in the future on the main show. The first Dune in Ten is about The Butlerian Jihad. Check them out! This looks like a keeper and I have enjoyed what I’ve heard so far, being a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s original Dune books. I have even enjoyed Anderson’s House Trilogy books. You can also support the podcast.

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