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Gotham is Looking for a Young Bruce Wayne

1386065879_batman-parentsReports have emerged from rumor mill that the Gotham TV series in development at Fox is casting for a young Bruce Wayne.  As has already been reported elsewhere, the series will focus on a younger James Gordon and with this latest development, we also here that the primary plot (at least initially) will be Gordon’s investigation of murder of Bruce’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne.

What about crossovers with Arrow or the embryonic DC cinematic universe?  Should this basic plot reach fruition, the movie universe is definitely excluded and any interaction with Arrow would depend on when it is meant to take place in relation to rest of the DC pantheon of characters.  However, with the focus on the younger Wayne and Gordon and the fact that the series is being developed over at Fox and not the WB’s CW means that crossovers are not important and also that they are simply unlikely.  The real question is, how will this series thrive as a standalone effort in a world of spinoffs, crossovers and intricately shared universes?

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