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New X-Men Movie Confirmed by Bryan Singer

xmDirector Bryan Singer posted this tweet confirming a new X-Men movie after Days of Future Past, which is set to be released May 23, 2014:

xemnWhile this came as a surprise to most everyone, confirming sequels to movies not even finished with production seems to be a new trend, especially with comic-based movies. Two more sequels for The Amazing Spider-Man were announced this past summer before the second film even finished production.

The comic X-Men: Apocalypse centers on a parallel timeline where Professor Xavier is killed before he could form the iconic mutant team, leading Magneto to take on that task, which makes for a very different X-Men group. Given the popularity of “what-if” storylines and alternate universes as well as the introduction of characters like Bishop and Blink, Singer seems to be taking the Abrams approach to this franchise as Abrams did with his reboot of Star Trek. The big questions now are these: will the fans like it? Will casual moviegoers like it? Will this move help bring fans of the movies into the world of the comics?

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