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We have a Wonder Woman!


This just came out today – after much rumor and speculation, Warner Bros has finally announced not only that Wonder Woman will be appearing in the 2015 Superman/Batman movie but they have also announced their choice for the Amazonian warrior in Gal Gadot.  The Israeli actress is best known for her roll as Giselle Harabo in Fast & Furious and Fast Five and has had steady work in various lower profile rolls.  Which means that this is the first time she’ll be tested in an a effects-heavy blockbuster.  And while reports indicate that most of her rolls have been action oriented, Gadot seems thin even by Hollywood standards; meaning that she will certainly need to spend some time in the gym before she can pull off a convincing Princess of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman - aka Diana Prince?
Wonder Woman – aka Diana Prince?

Then again, indications are that she will primarily be appearing as Diana Prince and may even be a potential love interest for Bruce Wayne.  That may seem shocking to some, but long-time comic readers and fans of the Justice League Animated series will recall that that very idea has been explored in those media, though never beyond toying with the possibilities.  In any case, we likely won’t see the trademark gauntlets and lasso of truth in this outing but we can be fairly certain that we are being set up for more to come down the line.

In related news, Daniel Alter has also dropped a hint via his Twitter account about Doomsday showing up in the film.  Personally, I’d take this one with a grain of salt given the number of rumors flying around concerning this movie, but I wouldn’t rule out a mention or a brief cameo of him in a lab in order to set up something down the road.  Personally, I agree with the folks at Screenrant that anything more than that would be too much too soon.

And of course, in the meantime, we continue to wait for whatever ever crumbs from the table for our speculative enjoyment.

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