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Google+ Hangout with Peter Jackson, Evangeline Lilly, and Richard Armitage

Over six thousand fans from all over the world gathered on YouTube December 4th to watch a Google Hangout event with director of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Peter Jackson, Thorin Oakenshield Richard Armitage, and the newest citizen of Mirkwood, Tauriel, Evangeline Lilly.

Picture from the Google+ Hangout LIVE - December 4th
Picture from the Google+ Hangout LIVE – December 4th

We were treated to a preview of Chrome’s A Journey Through Middle-earth inter-active map. Five lucky fans from five different countries were actively in the Hangout and each were able to ask a question. And we got a special sneak peak of a scene in the film that involved sleepy elves, confused dwarves (when are they not confused?), a hobbit, and some barrels.


The comment section was flooded with fans typing questions, talking about the films, and proudly shouting out where in Middle-earth they reside. There were fans from:

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Korea, Japan, India, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Brazil, Chile, Philippines, Hungary, many US states, Canada, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Finland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Jordan, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Denmark, Peru, Poland, Argentina, Guatemala, Croatia, Thailand, Iceland, Serbia, Columbia, Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania, Ecuador, Romania, Macedonia, Burkina Faso, Malaysia, Angola, Germany, Austria, Iraq, and Wales.

A few were also claiming Narnia, Tatooine, Gondor, Mars, ancient Rome, and Rivendell.

Despite differing opinions of the Peter Jackson interpretations, there’s no denying that Tolkien’s work brings us together no matter where we call home.

Desolation of Smaug opens Friday, December 13.


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