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Zorro Gets a Post-Apocalyptic Reboot…Maybe?

ZlogoMost everyone knows who Zorro is even if they don’t know his real name (Diego de la Vega) or his horse’s name (Tornado) or the fact that Disney made a serial featuring Guy Williams (later of Lost in Space fame) as the caballero back in the late 1950s (and it was probably the best thing ever created in the history of ever*). Most people nowadays knows him from the Antonio Banderas films, even though Banderas played a different character altogether. The last time Zorro was seen on either the big or small screens was in 2007 with the Spanish-language soap opera Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa.

Six years since the last incarnation. You know what that means…TIME FOR A FUTURISTIC REBOOT!!!

Wait, what?

Yeah, that’s right.


20th Century Fox is possibly looking to reboot the masked vigilante as a dystopian freedom fighter. The catch of it is, according to ShowbizCafe, is that the film has apparently already been shot (for less than $100,000), but the studio has yet to officially greenlight the project. A trailer was released last week but was quickly removed by Fox. There’s a lot going on with this project that makes it little more than a muddled mess (questions about casting and who’s actually directing the thing among the big concerns), but the concept art looks pretty nifty, if a bit too much like every other depressing futuristic setting out there right now.





*Stormraven’s note: Please excuse my not-so-inner fangirl rearing her head. I may or may not be a pretty big Zorro fan, and the Guy Williams serials are the gold standard to which I hold all other adaptations.

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