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The Book of New Zealand: Making Middle-earth Pop


Screen Slam has posted a four-minute video showcasing the newly unveiled Book of New Zealand. The Book of New Zealand will showcase the locations used in the shooting of both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies in a unique and creative fashion: a living pop-up book! Using photography shot at the locations of The Hobbit trilogy (along with new footage shot just for the production of The Book of New Zealand) combined with exact replicas or set pieces from The Hobbit trilogy, this new product will showcase how the Middle-earth films are truly grounded in the real, living beauty of this wonderful country. This traveling museum features these set pieces, original photography, commentary from film cast and crew, live special effects to create a truly unique New Zealand Experience.


The video is narrated by The Hobbit trilogy production designer Dan Hennah, who was also supervising art director for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and can be found on YouTube, entitled The Hobbit: Making of the Book of New Zealand.


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