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The Clone Wars Bonus Content News!


Star Wars Underworld reported this past weekend that more information, including video and photos, centered on the bonus episodes for Star Wars: The Clone Wars surfaced thanks to a children’s event held in Poland. A Disney rep was present along with the Star Wars Artistic Team to show never-before-seen footage to those in attendance. The episodes will air in early 2014 on Disney XD and have been dubbed “The Lost Missions”, according to SWU.

However, there may be at least one discrepancy with their report (EDIT: SWU has since posted the update). SWU says, “[t]hey explain that bonus content will be a total of ten episodes”. But this tweet from Pablo Hidalgo suggests that there may in fact be more than ten episodes:

PH tweet

As of now, we already know that one story arc will focus on Order 66, but thanks to this information we also know that Kamino will play a much more prominent role.

What do you hope to see in the bonus episodes next year?

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