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The Narrow Road – Illustrated Novel

Occasionally the Middle-earth Network and Legendarium news will share info about a kickstarter or a project in-the-making that we feel confident to support. The Narrow Road is one of the projects.
The Narrow Road is to be an illustrated adventure novel based on John Bunyan’s 17th-century classic, “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”

Famed bladesmith David DelaGardelle is illustrating the novel and concept art.

The Narrow Road is an adaptation of John Bunyan’s 17th-century classic, “The Pilgrim’s Progress”, first adapted as a feature-length film script by Erik Yeager, Howard Allen, and Phillip Loeb. Working with brilliant illustrator, artist, and real-life swordsmith, David DelaGardelle, Erik thought that the Tolkien-esque The Narrow Road would make a fun novel!

First published in 1678,The Pilgrim’s Progress has been called the greatest allegory ever written. The novel has sold millions of copies and been translated into over a hundred languages. In our version, a medieval soldier, in mortal fear of destruction at the hands of supernatural forces, flees his home in search of the means to save himself and his family from a fate worse than death.

“I’ve been working on the novelization of The Narrow Road film script for over a year, and based on the feedback of our early readers (from all backgrounds), I’m hopeful that this novel will be enjoyable for readers of all ages and walks of life. And I’m really excited about Dave’s brilliant illustrations!”

-Erik Yeager, Author of The Narrow Road

For more information view the video above, go to the main page: and please share the project with all your friends. There is a narrow window of time remaining to help launch this project.

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