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Superhero Roundup


Greetings fair travelers of the Perilous Realm!  We’ve got some goodies for you today!  First, let us turn to the latest rumors from the DC world.

Remember those casting rumors about Nightwing in Batman/Superman?  Well, it turns out that one of the rumored actors, Adam Driver is denying any involvement.  Personally, I’m okay with this.  Driver may be a good actor but he doesn’t look like he could come close to pulling off a convincing Nightwing.

But worry not!  It looks like Arrow may give us a version of Nightwing on the small screen.  The big question here is whether or not Arrow will be integrated into DC’s movie universe.  For anyone who is familiar with my thought on this, you know I really hope that happens.  But right now it’s up in the air.

And speaking of Arrow, it looks like the WB execs are pretty happy with they’ve been seeing from Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in filing his guest appearances in upcoming episodes of Arrow.  In fact, they seem so impressed that they are jumping straight to a full on pilot for Barry Allen as the Flash instead of slowly building up to it.  We’ll still see him in Arrow first but not with the trademark red costume.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen

Moving on to the Marvel side of things, to no one’s surprise, Elizabeth Olsen has confirmed that she is in fact the Scarlet Witch in Avengers:  Age of Ultron.

For anyone who has seen Thor:  The Dark World you know that the Infinity Stones are loose in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  You also know that we have only seen two and a four more are needed before Thanos can power up the Infinity Gauntlet.  HeroFix has some thoughts on where we might see them.

Remember that Daredevil series that Netflix will be doing?  Looks like Cabin in the Woods writer Drew Goddard is talks to write the story for the Man Without Fear.

Finally, we go to Fox Studios where Jennifer Lawrence talks a bit about what we may expect from Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

That’s all for now!  Until next time, keep your hears to the rumor mill!



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