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Superhero Roundup


It has been such a busy week for superhero news, we needed another roundup already!

First, we’ll turn to the Marvel Universe and the major news that that Marvel Studios has signed a deal with Netflix to develop individual series for Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, all culminating in a Defenders miniseries.  Look for an article in the near future filling you in on these characters with some heavy doses of speculation as to what they might look like.

Next, Slashfilm has a few new images from The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Speaking of new images, it looks like young Magneto got an armor upgrade for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Speaking of that little X-Men movie, we’ll be introduced to some brand new mutants and Empire Online has the scoop on who they are.


Now, let’s get into what’s going with the DC Universe.  Especially that Batman/Superman movie, which actually seems to be turning into Justice League if all the rumors are true.  We reported last time about the latest rumors concerning Jamie Alexander as Wonder Woman.  Well, it looks like the casting net may be a little wider.  Of course, that “athletic and exotic” description in the Batman/Superman casting call could apply to many women in the Batman cannon so time will tell.

However, things don’t stop there as rumors have Flash, Nightwing, and other Justice League members also showing up.  To be honest, I wouldn’t give this much credence except the Nightwing rumors have been picking up a lot of steam and Stephen Amell keeps teasing his Arrow character’s involvement in the Justice League.  And given that a Flash series is expected to be spinning off from Arrow in the near future, introducing both of those characters at the same time is feasible.  That said, I can’t imagine more than a cameo for any of these characters except Nightwing and that only because of his strong connection to Batman.  The hurdle there is the fact that the mainstream has no idea who Nightwing is.  No idea unless his real name is John Blake from The Dark Knight Rises.  Yes, I know that this is a long shot but let’s face it, the Batman that has been described to us “older, battle weary” and presumably operating in a world free of super-powered beings fits well (if not quite perfectly) with the Nolan/Bale Batman.  And it is worth noting that this approach would avoid any need for extensive back story on the relationship between the two characters, an advantage that could count for a lot in a movie that could get very crowded, very fast.






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