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Superhero New Roundup

Greetings fair travelers of the perilous realm!  Welcome to our first installment of the new weekly superhero news round up!  With all of the superhero related movies and tv shows in development over the last few years the amount of news can be overwhelming and it is our job here at Legendarium to help gather it into nice and easy to handle packages for you find folks!  So every week, we’ll scour the web in search of some of the most juicy rumors and news concerning our spandex clad do-gooders.  But enough intro, on with the news!



Might we see Wonder Woman on the big screen sooner rather than later?  Total Film has the story on rumors that none other than Jamie Alexander (Lady Sif from Thor) has been tapped to play Dc’s main warrior goddess in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie.  While  there is still much speculation at this point, Alexander has confirmed that she has been in talks with Warner Bros about a role and there is a casting call that is certainly compatible with Wonder Woman.  And if you are wondering what Wonder Sif might look like – check out this fan render:



Guardians of the Galaxy

At the premier of Thor: The Dark World, director James Gunn had a lot to say about how great the experience of directing Guardians of the Galaxy has been, the greatness we can expect from Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon and a Guardians related teaser we can expect during the credits of Thor.  You can get the details here.



And course we don’t know what is playing Thanos yet.  Speculation favors Vin Diesel but Screen Crush isn’t sure.

Speaking of the Mad Titan, James Gunn recently confirmed that he is in fact in Guardians and spoke briefly about his role as the mastermind driving the plot.



So,,,what’s an Hourman?  Like a Minuteman but a lot slower? Actually, Hourman is a little known mainstay of the DC universe.  A member of the Justice Society of America, Hourman has been through several incarnations but the original was one Rex Tyler who developed a pill that granted him superpowers for one hour.  The third version was an android from thousands of years in the future with time travel capabilities.  Considering that the impetus of this post is a new series in development from the CW(Arrow), its a fair bet that we will something closer to the super-powered, pill-popping version.



Wolverine 3

Last but not least, it looks like Jame Mangold and Hugh Jackman are gearing up for another run as the most well known clawed Canadian. No details yet but you can be sure they will be a comin’.


That’s it for this round up.  If you should come across something that deserves to be here, send a PM to Viking with a link!






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