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EXCLUSIVE! Game of Thrones Star, Podrick Payne, #RingCon Report


Legendarium’s first EXCLUSIVE reports have started to come in from RingCon 2013 and we have our first interview. Reporting for Legendarium is JRR Tolkien inspired artist,Jay Johnstone. His EXCLUSIVE interview is with Game of Thrones cast member, Daniel Portman, who you may know as Podrick.

“The interview took place at RingCon in Bonn, Germany. A rare and candid look into an actor with heart, warmth, along with some intriguing insights into Game of Thrones. Interview conducted by our man on the ground, artist Jay Johnstone. Filmed and edited by Kate Madison and Christopher Dane. Special thanks to all three of you, and of course Daniel!”

Keep checking back for more EXCLUSIVES and reports from RingCon 2013!

Jay Johnstone:
Jay Johnstone is a German born artist best known for his “medieval fresco” approach to depicting Tolkien themes. You can learn more about Jay and his work at his website,


Kate Madison:

Kate is mostly known for directing, producing and acting in her Lord of the Rings prequel, ‘Born of Hope’, released on the internet in December 2009.
Although introduced to performing from the age of four, she took a bit of a hiatus to complete a Zoology Degree but quickly realised that science and academia was not really for her. In 2003 Kate set up Actors at Work Productions as a banner for various creative projects linked mostly to Stage and Film work. Early work was mainly filming theatre shows. At the same time Kate continued to grow as an actor, moving from mostly musical theatre into the world of film. Kate directed her first narrative film in 2005, a short called ‘Into the Darkness’. The horsemen was another short film she directed and then of course there is Born of Hope. She has worked on a number of films, experiencing many different jobs behind the camera, including stand in and doubling work on major films like Gulliver’s Travels and Harry Potter.

Christopher Dane:
Christopher Dane spent fifteen years in advertising before he finally gave in to his desire to be come a professional actor. He trained at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) for three years, and left with a First and the Paul McCartney Award in his pocket.
Since his move to London he has built up an impressive CV and has had industry recognition for his work including the Best Actor Award at the London Independent Film Festival 2011. Christopher starred in the Lord of the Rings themed film, Born of Hope.

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