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New Short Film about X-Men's Storm Coming Soon


As someone who seems to gravitate towards secondary characters who don’t get the love and attention they deserve, I usually resign myself to lamenting over that sad truth and not expecting anything to change. Then I realize that other people with more vision, talent, and creativity than I feel the same way and actually do something about their discontent.

Maya Glick is one of those people. She is currently working on a short film centered on the X-Men’s Storm, a highly undervalued and under-appreciated character in both the comics and the films. In an interview with BoomTube, she explicitly said: “I spent a lot of time thinking “I wish somebody would get it [depictions of beloved characters] right…” and then I realized… “Oh hey! I’M somebody!” In fact, Rain‘s Facebook page states, “Dissatisfied with Hollywood’s uninspired portrayal of the only “Superhero” who ever meant anything to me, and motivated by the need to create something big – I’ve written a short film about the amazing, uncanny, marvelous Ororo Murnoe (codename: Storm)”.

The film is still in very early production (hoping to start filming in late November), but with Maya’s passion and lifelong love of Ororo Munroe, I have faith that this film will be what every Storm fan has been wanting for decades.

Maya as Storm

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  1. We also did an interview with Maya– she’s super cool and quite stoked about her film as she should be!!!