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30 Unreleased Minutes of Return of the Jedi Discovered!

First, nine previously-lost Doctor Who episodes are discovered in Nigeria. Now thirty minutes of raw, unedited footage from Return of the Jedi have been recovered on LaserDisc! The footage is currently being cleaned up by Return of the Jedi Edit Droid and released in increments on Facebook.

To most people, these clips are just your run-of-the-mill scrapped pieces of film that really have no value. I mean, they don’t expand on scenes, the audio is missing in at least one clip, and all in all they’re actually a little boring to watch.

But to fans of the franchise and those fascinated with the tedious details of moviemaking, these clips are beyond precious. In this day and age where films are shot digitally and everything can be stored and saved and released later on special edition DVDs to rake in more profits, getting to see footage like this from a time when the majority of movie editing had to be done with scissors and tape is a goldmine (EditDroid was one of, if not THE very first step in transitioning from analog to digital film editing, though the system is now understandably obsolete).

Keep an eye on the RotJEditDroid Facebook page for more clips as they become available!

About Reporter Michelle Lawhorn:
Michelle, a.k.a. Stormraven, is what can only be described as an eclectic nerd. Her interests and expertise range from Doctor Who to Lord of the Rings, cosplay to comics, and Bollywood to opera to name just a few. When not raving about her “fandoms”, she can be found working on projects as an Associate Editor at Haven Publishing and adding to her ever-growing list of Things to Cosplay. She can currently be found searching for more material to feed her newfound obsession with Star Wars.

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