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Ender's Game Soundtrack Preview

ender'sgameFrom SoundtrackNet – The soundtrack for Ender’s Game, composed by Steve Jablonski will be available for purchase on Tuesday, October 22. The publisher has released the first three tracks for preview. The tracks are:

1. Stay Down

2. Ender’s War

3. Battle School.

In order to listen to the tracks go to this link.




The complete track listing:

1.  Ender’s War 3:27
2. Stay Down 2:42
3. Battle School 1:55
4. Move It Launchies 0:56
5. The Battle Room 3:03
6. Mind Game Part 1 2:24
7. Salamander Battle 3:34
8. Mind Game Part 2 3:55
9. Dragon Army 2:44
10. Dragons Win 3:53
11. Bonzo 1:37
12. Ender Quits 6:22
13. Mazer Rackham 2:34
14. Enemy Planet 3:50
15. Command School 2:42
16. Graduation Day 1:28
17. Final Test 6:02
18. Game Over 2:36
19. The Way We Win Matters 6:14
20. Ender’s Promise 5:09
21. Commander 3:33
Total Album Time: 70:40

You can find more tracks off the album in various places on YouTube but I have yet to find them altogether on one YT page. To hear more, click on the video below. The tracks are scattered between videos though.

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