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Lord of the Rings in a Disney Park?



Here is a curious rumor if ever I heard one; Disney and Warner Brothers are in talks or maybe have even signed an agreement that will bring “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” to areas of the Disney Parks. I honestly do not know if we can hold this rumor in high regard as several months ago there was also chit-chat about Universal obtaining the rights to the same flashy-shiny theme park dazzles of our beloved Middle-Earth.

But considering Universal Orlando’s park has a pretty new “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” area springing up in 2014, would Disney fighting for a “Lord of the Rings” fantasy themed section seem so far-fetched? I mean, Universal could expect bigger numbers flooding their gates, with that whole rise of more Harry Potter world movies coming around the bend.

I think Disney could be wanting something epic fantasy to match the awesome of that Harry Potter cloud threatening on the horizon—they have announced something science fiction with an AVATAR inspired attraction in Animal Kingdom some-time in the future (I would *love* to go see that).

So could we maybe see Star Wars and Lord of the Rings somewhere in their Hollywood Studios expansion plans?

I cannot say I am overly thrilled about this particular rumor. While I am a Disney Princess at heart, I almost cannot bare the agony of seeing Lord of the Rings torn any further into a money marketing spinner—but that is just my humble opinion.


If you feel like going anywhere for a Lord of the Rings adventure -- New Zealand -- truly -- it is the place to go. Take it from an Aussie. Go on an adventure!
If you feel like going anywhere for a Lord of the Rings adventure — New Zealand — truly — it is the place to go. Take it from an Aussie. Go on an adventure!

This is still a simple rumor, and as with all rumors, we will simply have to wait until an announcement is made to truly speculate.

However what are your thoughts, do you think Lord of Rings would fit in well in a theme park?



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