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Star Wars Rebels: The Return of the Empire

Meet the new face of evil!

rebels-concept2_lgApparently it’s all about the Empire in the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated show and at the New York City’s Comic Con Star Wars Rebels panel! Fans who attended the Star Wars Rebels panel at New York City Comic Con got a chance to see the new villain of the Star Wars universe: The Inquisitor. This character is tasked by Darth Vader himself to hunt down any and all remaining Jedi Knights. Star Wars Rebels, a new animated series coming to Disney XD in 2014 is mainly focused on the doings of the empire. Placed within events fourteen years after Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, during this time the emperor has secured his power throughout the realm and is now looking to expand the empire’s influence to the outer rim planets. At Comic Con fans seemed to really embrace the return of the empire as the main focus, the empire of the old classic, or legacy Star Wars films and many elements from that era will be incorporated into Star Wars Rebels such as the classic TIE fighters. Much inspiration comes from the legendary work of Ralph McQuarrie, who created the original concept art for the legacy Star Wars series.

However, there is far more than the new villain that Star Wars fans can look forward to. The panel was hosted by Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilms, and he showed off the new imagery and animation models and maquettes for the  Stormtroopers, Star Destroyers, TIE fighters, and TIE fighter pilots. Star Wars Rebels will also add several new Imperial vehicles and designs. These new vehicles are the All Terrain Defense Pod (AT-DP), the new AT-DP pilot and the AT-ST walker pilot. Also there is the Imperial Troop Transport, which comes from an early Kenner toy that was not based on designs from the films; and the Imperial freighter, a re-imagining of an Imperial-style craft designed for Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace. This last one features a dock to transport TIE fighters from system to system. Take a look at the video below to see an overview of what’s coming for fans anticipating the new show.

Star Wars Rebels is scheduled to air on Disney XD in 2014. for more information on the upcoming animated series go to

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