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Dave Filoni Cofirms Completion of Unfinished Clone Wars Episodes


While this news may bring back sad thoughts of what could have been, it’s simultaneously exciting because very rarely do unfinished episodes get completed after a show has been pulled.

Dave Filoni announced via Facebook the following:


So we get both Rebels AND the remainder of The Clone Wars in the same year? Excuse me while I faint from the amount of fangirling I’ve been doing since reading this announcement.

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Michelle, a.k.a. Stormraven, is what can only be described as an eclectic nerd. Her interests and expertise range from Doctor Who to Lord of the Rings, cosplay to comics, and Bollywood to opera to name just a few. When not raving about her “fandoms”, she can be found working on projects as an Associate Editor at Haven Publishing and adding to her ever-growing list of Things to Cosplay. She can currently be found searching for more material to feed her newfound obsession with Star Wars.

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