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DC & Warner Bros. Gearing Up For Three New Series

wb dcComic book heroes have almost become a staple for blockbuster films in recent years, but for anyone wanting to see more superheroes on the small screen, DC and Warner Bros. have heard your pleas!

First up, the Flash is getting his own spinoff from The CW’s Arrow...or is at least having the idea mulled over. Before his own series is given the greenlight, forensic investigator Barry Allen will appear in three episodes of Arrow‘s second season, set to premiere on The CW October 9, 2013. Grant Gustin (Glee, 90210) has signed on to play the Fastest Man Alive, who heads to Starling City to investigate a string of odd robberies.


Next, Commissioner Gordon is getting a little more time in the spotlight. Fox managed to snag the commissioner’s origin story with involvement from WB. Bruno Heller (creator of The Mentalist) will develop the series. Word is that Batman will NOT appear in the series, but given that Gotham is his backyard it’s very likely that there will at least be reference or nods to the Dark Knight as the show progresses (much like the ill-fated Birds of Prey series back in 2002).


And finally, if you were disappointed by the Keanu Reeves version, you might be interested in seeing where NBC will go with John Constantine. Daniel Cerone (also from The Mentalist) and David S. Goyer will write/executive produce the show. No word on casting favorites or even which universe this version of Constantine will come from (Hellblazer? Justice League Dark?).

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