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Greisinger Museum Exclusive Video Tour

Hail friends – and a Happy belated Hobbit Day to you!     It strikes me kind of funny, but I don’t remember anyone saying Happy Birthday to Bilbo or Frodo yesterday… No matter, I think the fireworks were splendid enough of a birthday salute anyway.  Whats that you say?  “What fireworks?”  You missed the fireworks over Bag End of the Greisinger Museum Opening Party?  No matter, Bilbo forgives you and so do we.  We’re happy to provide  a safe viewing distance to watch the fireworks without the chance of being burned to cinders by Gandalf’s ‘whizzpoppers’.  You might even hear a certain guest yell “INCOMING” at one point during the show, no doubt a dwarven battle-flashback of some dragon or even goblin-fire sappers .

Oh and there also happens to be a video montage a certain guest put together showing the journey to the Museum as well as some very wonderful highlights of the ceremony, party and the most amazing Middle-earth collection in the entire Earth.

I hope you enjoy this virtual video visit to the Greisinger Museum Opening Ceremony.

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  1. This place has taken over the number one spot on my bucket list!