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Greisinger Opening Ceremony (Part 4)

Don’t adventures ever have an end?  Well I could easily go well beyond four parts for the reports of my visit to the Greisinger Museum in Jenins, Switzerland.  Yet I think this tale is now best told in picture, music and video.  And what better day to wrap up my tales than on Hobbit Day itself?!  September 22, 2013 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRODO & BILBO!

But in closing, I do want to say again what a special trip and experience this was.  You simply have to visit the museum yourself, and enjoy the hospitality of Switzerland to fully appreciate the magic of it all.  It is very easy to travel in Switzerland, even if you only speak English like myself.  If you have any questions about planning a trip, simply contact the museum though their website at

Thank you Bernd & the Greisinger Museum team – it truly was a party of special magnificence!

Enjoy the slideshow below

The slideshow moves fast over many pictures – so feel free to click pause anytime.

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