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Batman Mythos Continues With The Dark Knight Legacy

redhoodDisappointed that your favorite character didn’t make it into Christopher Nolan’s trilogy? Still upset that Stephanie Brown got benched? Well, the awesome folks over Machinima have the answers to your prayers. The Dark Knight Legacy is the latest in the world of fan films, and it is so very great. Chloe Dysktra (Heroes of Cosplay) is Stephanie, Maury Sterling (ER, Homeland) is Red Hood/Jason Todd, and Daniel Vincent Gordh (The Lizzy Bennet Diaries) is “Robin” John Blake/Nightwing. Set one year after the events of The Dark Knight Rises, Legacy promises to be one of the best fan films (production- and story-wise) for the Bat franchise.

This seven-minute video is actually more of a preview of what the cast and crew hope to produce. They’ve started a crowdfunding page at IndieGoGo to continue the story, so if you want to help make this series happen (and get some cool swag at the same time), head on over and make a pledge. Remember, even $1 helps!

WARNING: Due to a scene of intense flashing lights, do not watch if you are prone to seizures. Also, although the scenes are quick, there is small amount of disturbing content that might not suitable for younger viewers.

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