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Origin Films Coming for Star Wars Series


In addition to the continuation of the epic saga following the fall of the Empire, Disney will also be developing at least three origin films for Star Wars. Although we still only have rumors about who these films will focus on, the leading contenders are Boba Fett, Han Solo, and Yoda.

The first origin story film will come out in 2016, after the 2015 release of Episode VII, directed by J.J. Abrams. The three episodes and three origin films will be produced over the course of six years, starting from 2015. Disney has not released any details yet on who the first origin story film will be about nor what the plans for the next trilogy of films will entail. IGN guessed the films might address Han Solo or Yoda’s past because their beginnings have been touched on very little. There are plenty of characters in the universe to choose from, including villains such as Emperor Palpatine.

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Do you like this possible lineup, or do you have another character you’d like to see get a solo movie?

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  1. I would like some ObiWan Origin too 🙂

  2. Would want to see one about Dooku. He’s interesting to me and I hope he was redeemed in the end. If Vader can be, surely Dooku can as well.

    • I totally agree. We know so little about his past and he’s such an interesting, multi-faceted character. It would be shameful to leave him out in the cold like that (no bad pun intended).