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International News with John DiBartolo and Legendarium at Greisinger Museum


Legendarium Media Co-Founder, John DiBartolo, had the opportunity recently to attend the opening celebrations for the Greisinger Museum. His report series on this historic event has begun on Legendarium. You can see part one of the report here.

“I often tell folks the best way to have ‘chance-meetings in Middle-earth’ is by joining one of the many Tolkien related groups like the Tolkien Society, MyMiddle-earth, or any combination thereof. It was at the Tolkien Society’s Return of the Ring 2012 that I met Bernd Greisinger, and first interviewed him about his museum in development. Bernd extended a gracious invitation to the grand opening ceremony & party, and thankfully I was able to attend.” said John of his trip.

Along with invited guests and fans, the media also took part in reporting the Tolkien spectacle which “Mr. New York City” himself, John DiBartolo was tracked down for an interview to discuss his thoughts about the museum.

“Bernd and the Greisinger family made me feel right at home in Jenins, Switzerland. I really feel that this town is now somewhat of a home away from home. During the party Bernd introduced me to all the media attending the party, and it was an honor to be asked for interviews by the various TV channels. It’s also fun to hear yourself translated into another language!”

As reported by

And as posted by museum founder, Bernd Greisinger on Facebook, a report from SRF (see John at 2:20)

To learn more about the Greisinger Museum visit the official site.

The Greisinger Museum is located in eastern Switzerland, precisely in Jenins, one of the municipalities in the canton of Grisons, which are well known for wine-making. The museum opens its doors on 1 October 2013 for fans and friends of Middle-earth.

The museum houses the Greisinger Collection (GC). Bernd Greisinger’s private collection focused on “Middle-earth”, the world’s largest and most important of its kind which consists primarily of art and literature as well as collectors’ items of any kind.

Look for future articles from John DiBartolo about his trip on www.Legendarium.Me !

John DiBartolo:
John DiBartolo AKA: “The Swordsman of the Sky” is a Founder of Legendarium Media, and the Minstrel behind The Lonely Mountain Band.


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