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Game of Thrones: "An Icelandic Presence?"

An Icelandic Presence? by Olga A.


If you are a fan of Sigur Ros (yes, that achingly hip Icelandic band renowned for hauntingly elfish songs), you would be excited to know, that they might make an appearance in the upcoming season 4 of the “Game of Thrones.” After all, the wintry expanses of the Westeros Universe seem to fit perfectly with the ice-cool, meditative style of music that Sigur Ros can do like no other band on earth.

The behind-the-scenes gossip has it that the band has been spotted filming on the Game of Thrones set in Croatia. Would they be wandering minstrels whose sole role is to provide a welcome cameo appearance, or will they be fully integrated as a crucial part of the plot? This is as yet concealed by mists of mystery…

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