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How The Hobbit Should Have Ended

How the Hobbit Should Have Ended by “Goldberry”

This is magical!

Magical and probably controversial. Now, you may recall, I rather enjoyed The Unexpected Journey. It may have had some pacing problems, but on the whole, it was a fun movie and I’m excited to go back to Middle-earth again in December. So bearing that in mind, what’s so awesome about this parody?

Its the parody of all things Tolkien, and not just PJ’s most recent interpreation. This short turns all of Middle-earth inside-out and raises some thought-provoking questions. Beginning with the argument we’ve seen from people on teh Internets over the last decade: why couldn’t they have just taken the Eagles to Mordor? Aside from the fact that wouldn’t have been a very long or interesting story.

And this time Gandalf seems a little more on the ball, but is he being hasty, Precious? What happens to the Dwarves and Erebor if they don’t have an invisible burglar? We know at the Battle of the Black Gates, the ground opens up to swallow a large portion of Sauron’s servants. Because he’s a load-bearing villain. But what would have happened to the dragons? They were Melkor/Morgoth’s, not Sauron’s creations. Smaug appears to be the last of the fire drakes, and in The Hobbit is dealt with by Bard. But what happens if Bard never takes that shot? I think its an interesting question.

Speaking of the Precious, how much do you love Gollum flying from NOWHERE to destroy the Ring? Some times you just can’t fight your Destiny.

And also: Bonus Empire Strikes Back, because its too good not to share.

About Reporter “Goldberry” is a devoted Tolkien reader and intermittent artist and blogger.

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  1. hahaha, magical indeed! I loved your commentary as well. Thanks for sharing! 😀