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New Posters – Thor: The Dark World

Some new international posters of Thor: The Dark World have been released and they tease with the promise of an action-packed movie-going experience. The posters give us another look at Thor and his brother Loki. In the first one, we have Thor, swinging the mighty Mjolnir. Then we have Loki, looking like a sly devil, no doubt thinking up some new and wicked mischief. Are we surprised? thor




The second movie in the Thor franchise will have some new additions to the cast, including Christopher Eccleston, from the historical drama Elizabeth, Poirot, the science fiction TV show Heroes and who also happens to be my favorite Doctor (the ninth Doctor of Doctor Who! Yay!) and also Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, the awesome character Mr. Eko of Lost.

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