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Game of Thrones: A Spot of Immortality?

A Spot of Immortality? by Olga A.


The most dedicated of the fans knew it all along.

Now it is about to become official news. Peter Fincham, of the ITV network, UK, has claimed a few days ago that The Game of Thrones was quite a match for the paragon of a great novel, “War and Peace,” by L. Tolstoy, if not better.

War & Peace

What do you think it is? A “dumbing-down” of “culture” that some media watchdogs have been scaring us with, or an honest opinion (after all, after a hard day’s work ninety-nine percent of us would prefer plopping down to watch the latest happenings in Westeros, whilst reading something as weighty as “War and Peace” rather suggests an imposing, mind-improving activity – for a Western reader, to orientate themselves in the dense midst of Russian patronymics is a feat enough by itself). Or is it just a matter of television against the written word? Both epics, although one is historical rather than pure fantasy, have a lot in common: troubled families, strife and love galore, sweeping war scenes, intrigue and psychological dilemmas (yes, of course, The Game of Thrones is not currently described by university tutors and critics as a literary centuries-old classic transcending generations – but please, give it a bit more time to ease into its place alongside such mammoths as the Lord of the Rings and the Narnia series). The question remains – do we like reading or watching better? Would you rather watch “War and Peace,” were it made into a lavish series sensation, instead of snuggling up with a George RR Martin book? Peter Fincham speaks like a true expert and advocate of television – but what would you yourself rather choose?

See the original story here.

Oh, and remember what I said some days ago about Direwolves making an all-round perfect anniversary gifts and additions to the household? Apparently, Sansa Stark, aka Sophie Turner, agrees with that!


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