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Anime News: Pokemon – The Origin



Greetings fellow fans of the fantastical! I am so glad you could make it today, because I have some fabulous news to bring such wonderful smiles to your inner hearts. Well, some of you maybe…some of you might cringe and groan. That’s okay.

Ever since I can recall–okay, okay–maybe not that long ago–but since I was in primary school, I had this undying love for something call Pokemon. I was however, not allowed the play any of the games, it was a big no-no, however early Saturday mornings my little brother and I would sneak down stairs and quietly turn on the television to watch our dearly beloved team of explorers and their Pokemon’s adventure across their marvelous planet doing marvelous things.

I’m a huge fan of the Pokemon Anime. I even dragged my Dad along to the first movie and cried during it. Seriously. I was that emotional over Ash and Pikachu’s relationship and I am not ashamed of it. Since then, I’ve gone out and purchased all the movies, one after another.

So, am I excited that now they are going back in time and are doing an anime special called, Pocket Monsters: The Origin that is featuring the characters from the original Pokemon Red and Green Nintendo Game Boy video games! Yay!

Here is a promotional video that has been released showing scenes from that anime special due out  in Japan on October 2nd. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel so happy inside.

The anime’s main character is Red and his arch rival is Green, both named after the default characters in the old game. There are a lot of familiar faces, like Professor Oak, Brock, and all the adorable Pokemon of the original seasons like cute little Charmander, Geodude, Blastoise, Charizard (if you want their English names.)

The story looks to be set in the Kanto Region, which was the first region to the featured in the Pokemon game franchise. There, in a mighty battle with Team Rocket’s leader, Red looks set to encounter a very strange Pokemon. I have to wonder, what could it be this time?


Kylie Leane – Reporter

    Kylie Leane was raised on a healthy upbringing of old classic science fiction thanks to her Dad. Though being unable to spell or write, she was confident that with imagination by her side, someday she would be a writer! Which she is now, writing fantasy and science fiction while illustrating on the side. She has an unquenchable love of Anime/Manga and can’t stop buying books after this novel called Fellowship of the Ring changed her life.

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  1. I haven’t watched Pokemon in a very long time.. but I am SO watching this!

  2. It’s been years since I’ve seen Pokemon! I’d nearly forgotten about it!

    • lol – I have wondered if it’s still on television here, but since I don’t watch television anymore I honestly don’t know. I just…save up and buy my series now so I suppose, people could forget about things if they don’t follow something 😀
      It was *so* popular when I was in primary school, all the cool kids collected the cards and were trading them and then it got banned because people were doing black-market dealings in the playground. XD