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Europa Report

europa-report-posterSometimes interesting things can nearly slip past you unnoticed. With all the big blockbuster movies coming out in the summer I had nearly missed a little science fiction film called Europa Report. Europa Report, a found footage film, directed by Sebastien Cordero is making some waves not for its special effects but for the actual science behind the film. These days science fiction forgets the science it seems for the action and the glitz. It was released on Demand digitally on June 27th on Google Play, Amazon On Demand and iTunes. You can watch it now from your computer. To see the trailer, click this link.

In the video below the director talks about the real science behind the film and he consulted with scientists while making the film. It isn’t just about shooting lasers. A lot apparently went into making the science in the film accurate, or as accurate as possible and shows the power and the potential of supporting the current space program; what humans can accomplish through science. The film is getting good reviews and it looks unique and interesting and really cool. I’m still surprised I nearly missed this!
Europa Report is about six astronauts who embark on a privately funded mission to Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, to try to find potential life. I will stop right there before I give away any spoilers. Do they actually find anything while exploring the moon? Well, you’ll just have to watch the film for yourself and find out. The soundtrack was composed by Bear McCreary.

Europa Report will be released in theaters August 2.

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