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Game of Thrones News: A Familiar Face?

Game of Thrones News: A Familiar Face? by Olga A.

Gatiss as "Mycroft" from the hit show - Sherlock.
Gatiss (right) as “Mycroft” from the hit show – Sherlock.

Imagination is the key, so they say. And resemblance is often down to pure chance.

Those of ye who love Sherlock quite as much as the Game – rejoice. The whispers concerning the much-anticipated release of GoT – Season 4 have just revealed that Mark Gatiss (Mycroft of the Sherlock fame), will make an appearance. Who will we see him incarnated as? That remains to be seen…

Seeing familiar faces in different roles on different shows that happen to run at the same time – yes or no? Leave your comments below!

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