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Heroes of Cosplay on SyFy

Heroes of Cosplay on SyFy by Michelle Lawhorn

Heroes of Cosplay Debuts on SyFy August 13

If you’ve ever been curious about cosplay and just how far cosplayers will take their passion for dress-up, then you might want to check out the brand new docu-series entitled “Heroes of Cosplay”. Not only will it feature nine prominent cosplayers including Yaya Han, Riki LeCotey (AKA Riddle), Monika Lee, and Victoria Schmidt (AKA Scruffy Rebel), “Heroes” will follow them on their adventures at conventions and cosplay competitions to get a behind-the-scenes view that only competitive cosplayers get to see.


From the “Heroes of Cosplay” official site:

“Cosplayers and cosplay contests are a fixture and highlight at the many comic book and genre fan conventions around the world. These conventions provide an international stage for fans to showcase often spectacular handcrafted costumes and portray their favorite characters from sci-fi movies, video games, anime and more. In Syfy’s new Heroes of Cosplay (formerly Cosworld), nine passionate fans put their imagination and skills to the test to make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay.

Heroes of Cosplay is a tantalizing docu-series that lifts the veil on the imaginative world of cosplay competition, because fans at the comic book conventions don’t merely dress up as their favorite character; they also compete to see who’s the best!”

“Heroes of Cosplay” will premiere on SyFy on August 13, 2013 at 10:30PM, right after the season five premiere of “Face Off”. It will then move to Tuesday nights at 10PM.

Stormraven’s Note: I had the opportunity to speak with the crew filming Riddle and Yaya at Katsucon last year and was very pleased with how they seemed to be approaching cosplay, cosplayers, and the general concept of creating this show. Because of that and the involvement of the featured cosplayers, I have hope that it will be something illuminating rather than demeaning (as I found “King of the Nerds” to be earlier this year)

About Reporter Michelle Lawhorn:
a.k.a. Stormraven, is what can only be described as an eclectic nerd. Her interests and expertise range from Doctor Who to Lord of the Rings, cosplay to comics, and Bollywood to opera to name just a few. When not raving about her fandoms, she can be found spending time with her family and adding to her ever-growing list of Things to Cosplay. She can currently be found searching for more Star Wars material to feed her newfound obsession with the Clone Wars.


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  1. This is epic 😀 I love the crazy world of awesome cosplayers XD