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An Interview with Artist Stephen Burger

Greetings fair travelers of the Perilous Realm!  Today, we bring you the first in a series of smaller episodes focusing on just a one on one interview going deep into the work and mind of various creative men and women.

The subject for this interview is Stephen Burger, a Toronto based writer, artist and musician who I met at the Motor City Comic Con.  Sit back and enjoy.


TheViking – Staff Reporter

When he heard that the Lord of the Rings movies were coming out TheViking decided it was high time that he read Tolkien at long last. And he as never regretted it! Now, as a Catholic dad of five little Viklets, TheViking keeps himself busy with the Knights of Columbus, Cub Scouts, and of course MyMiddleEarth. On the Network TheViking works with other members to help learn about some of the resources available, make connections and start new projects. You can hear him every week on the Beer and Popcorn movie show.

About thefairytaletraveler

Catholic father of five and life-long nerd, theviking began nerd life as a socially awkward Star Wars fan who then branched out into comics thanks a boring summer vacation. These days, he reads most anything, watches a number of nerdy shows, plays with his kids, works as a proofreader for the fine folks at Grail Quest Books and volunteers at his parish and kids' school.