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Game of Thrones – Legal Battles and Flying Feathers!

Game of Thrones – Legal Battles and Flying Feathers! by Olga A.


Whenever a great book gets made into an equally great movie, the inevitable ensues. Which was better? What bits were added on, or completely left out? Who stole which idea, and from whom? And sometimes, the courtrooms see those arguments played out.

It appears that the team behind producing the “Game of Thrones” is threatening to pursue court action against G R R Martin (aka the Man who wrote the Books In the First Place). And the reason? Well, Mr Martin has most rascally released a great deal of spoilers, making his books freely available to greedy fans throughout the world, and hence considerably dampening the dramatic impact of the future episodes. (As if the Red Wedding was not enough in itself!).

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About Reporter: Olga A.
Hailing from the swirling mists of London, I am a freelance journalist in my free time, and a huge fan of J R Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” as well as an admirer of the “Game of Thrones,” a worshipper of H P Lovecraft, a follower of R. Howard, a Star Wars aficionado and an Ursula Le Guin enthusiast. My other favourite things include Middle Eastern dance (sometimes somewhat discourteously referred to as “belly” dancing), Yoga, sunsets over the dreaming spires of Oxford and plush owls. Oh, and green tea too.

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  1. This obviously should have been released on April 1st.