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Savage Wolverine Goes Cosmic


WOLVERINEMAX2From – Jock, the British artist known for his work on the Wolverine Max series, The Losers,  2000 A. D. – and some killer Batman artwork on the Detective Comics series, will be drawing and writing a new arc for Savage Wolverine, the new Wolverine series launched by Marvel Comics in January 2013. In September Issue #9, Jock will set Wolverine in the distant future where he has crash landed on an alien planet. Frank Cho was the first writer and artist to start out the new Savage series.Wolverine will be dealing with the strange world he has found himself in as well as the alien beasts living there. Jock wants to take Wolverine back to his roots with the story. “I wanted to show Wolverine at his most primitive and basic and get to what makes him tick. He’s a constant, while the world around him changes,” Says Jock.

Wolverine on an alien planet? Learning how to adapt to the alien environment and the changing world around him? It sounds like a great new series for the character. There is far more to this new, elemental Wolverine series. The Savage Wolverine arc is not just about Wolverine the loner, as he is often portrayed. In the beginning of the series he also has a partner, called Shanna, the she-devil. Both have very assertive personalities and the series deals with not just their quest to get home but how they must overcome their personality conflicts. In this new issue by Jock he explores Wolverine’s character by going not only forward but also back in time, in a way.

He explains: “Logan has the power of regeneration as we know, but he’d only ever be able to regenerate his own cells,” Jock explained . “So what if thousands, maybe even millions of years in the future, the world around him has continued to evolve, and he’s left literally, a Neanderthal man?” Reading about these plots, they remind me of the old adventure stories written by Robert E. Howard, but with a science fiction twist.


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