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Man of Steel Soundtrack Preview

MAN-OF-STEEL-Vinyl-Soundtrack-1024x1024On June 11th the Man of Steel soundtrack will be available for purchase and there will be two options – the regular soundtrack, with 18 tracks and the deluxe edition, which will feature 24 tracks. You can preview all of the tracks for both editions on Amazon. Both editions are two-disc albums. There will also be released a Limited Edition Double LP for those who love vinyl! 

Man of Steel Regular album preview

Man of Steel Deluxe Edition album preview

John William’s version of Superman is so iconic that until I saw the third trailer for the film it was hard to envision how anything else could measure up. However, listening to these previews I liked what I’ve heard so far. I am looking forward to hearing Zimmer’s Man of Steel soundtrack in its entirety. Zimmer’s soundtrack is definitely a more modern, electronic sound, which film score/soundtrack fans have come to expect from him, in contrast to the triumphal orchestral fanfare of John Williams’s Superman scores. It will be an interesting contrast for those who enjoy both types. I have to admit, when I heard Zimmer’s Sent Here For A Reason, track number three which is also heard in the third trailer, I was finally on board. It is triumphant, grand and emotional. It says to me: Hero. 

If you want a 90-second preview of each track listen here (23 minutes of music):

Man of Steel will be released by Water Tower Music on June 11th. The soundtracks were composed by Hans Zimmerman. The vinyl version will be available August 6th, 2013.

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  1. Cool! I think the music sounds amazing : D