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Game of Thrones: A Political Game?

Game of Thrones: A Political Game? by Olga A.


With a little bit of luck and imagination, you can find a common ground for pretty much any two given subjects. Pop music and geology? No problem. Cute kittens and the peace-building process? Sure. Shoes that fit badly and the good against evil struggle? Now that’s a topic after my liking!

As for trying to link Game of Thrones and politics – the task of finding a common ground for the twain is nowhere as remote or fanciful. Even the name of the show itself – it does not take great lengths of drawing analogies to realise that the story is about politics (as well as about Wildings, direwolves and “romantic” relationships).

James Poniewozik, of Dead Tree Alert, shares with us some of his personal political analogies in our best-loved show. And he also asks, who in our opinion would be the best possible politician – Daenerys, Tyrion, or…? (I would say the incomparable Ned Stark, of course – but James seems to hold a different opinion, stating that it was exactly Ned’s honesty and obtuseness that brought him to his grave).

So what do you think? See the original article here.

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