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Missing Ned Stark Parte Deux – Let the Man Himself Speak!

Missing Ned Stark Parte Deux – Let the Man Himself Speak!
by Olga A.


You might remember that discussion we had on here not so long ago – some of you leaping up to agree with Chris Bennion’s view that our very favourite Ned Stark was in fact the best thing that ever happened in “The Game of Thrones,” and that a smallest glimpse of him in a fleeting flashback cameo would be quite enough to cause a veritable sensation in the fan community – whilst the others claimed that the show has moved on a long way since Ned’s untimely demise. (Personally, as much as I respect the fact that the storyline should run its course uninterrupted, I would classify myself as belonging to the former category)

Well, certainly many of you would have been essentially preoccupied with the question (I, for one matter, was extremely so): what would the man himself say about this whole business? Without doubt, it would have given the debate a whole new direction. It is likely that Ned Stark the lord of Winterfell would have relished the opportunity to come back from the dead with a vengeance and wreck some serious justice, righting quite a few wrongs (o, how delighted Arya and Sansa would have been!). And in the real world, his alter ego, aka Sean Bean, the expert on heroically dying, swordplay and delivering killer lines, seems to share this opinion!


According to DigitalSpy, Sean craves to return to the “Game of Thrones” universe, despite Ned’s violent death (in an interview with aptly-billed Guilty Pleasures!), even if just as a ghost or a zombie. Now, if it ever were to come to pass, this event in television history would have knocked all the previous sensational stories off their perch. Putting the images of clunking chains and wailing Dickensian ghosts out of my mind for now, in reality it may be a genuinely attractive idea for the show’s creators, as an unexpected surprise spin. The purists among the fans may not be too happy with the idea – the supporters of Ned Stark, the Sean Bean aficionados and myself would be meanwhile quite delighted – and the man himself, who admits to have “quite a few swords” in his house, would be just as much!

What do you think, ladies and gentlemen, of starting a petition to bring Ned Stark back as a cameo into the coming episodes of GoT? Please leave your comments below!

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About the Contributing Reporter: Olga A.
Hailing from the swirling mists of London, I am a freelance journalist in my free time, and a huge fan of J R Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” as well as an admirer of the “Game of Thrones,” a worshipper of H P Lovecraft, a follower of R. Howard, a Star Wars aficionado and an Ursula Le Guin enthusiast. My other favourite things include Middle Eastern dance (sometimes somewhat discourteously referred to as “belly” dancing), Yoga, sunsets over the dreaming spires of Oxford and plush owls. Oh, and green tea too.

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  1. victorialadybug

    How a return of Ned Stark is handled would determine how I felt about any such massive departure from the books. However, the book series is not yet finished.

    And I’m not entirely against the idea of of Lord Stark coming back in King Hamlet fashion, appearing before John, Bran or even Rickon with the demand: “AVENGE ME!”